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John Krska

Process Engineering Specialist

John KrskaJohn has an amazing breadth and depth of experience as a Process Specialist, covering 35 years on more than 80 assets across 20 countries. Although predominantly in oil and gas he has significant experience in a range of otherĀ  sectors.

John’s experience has covered many roles and all types of process equipment and their integration. He started his postgraduate career developing and designing process equipment and became a world authority on all types of water deaeration equipment design and operation.

John then took a position with a major brown field modifications design company in the role of Chief Process Engineer. He has worked with several oil companies in the role of Central Engineering Technical Support and Process Technical Authority for numerous offshore oil and gas installations.

John is also pioneer of dynamic simulation conducting more than 50 dynamic simulation/hydraulic surge studies. By drawing on his design and operational experience these dynamic simulations studies have provided significant value.

When conducted in the concept and design phases these simulations have streamlined the design process, identifying and resolving issues at early stages when most cost effective. In later asset life, the root causes of problems have been demonstrated, allowing cost effective long and short-term design and operating solutions to be developed and tested.

He is passionate about using dynamic simulations to streamline the design process and see dynamic models fully utilized throughout the life process assets.

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