Decision Making

Successful business (and life) is ultimately about making good decisions. Our ability to make good decisions is driven by our cognitive capacity to understand the complications of the situations that face us.


The appropriate use of digital technology is therefore all about helping us make good decisions.

We can make business much less complex by providing clarity through good business process and help ensure good decisions by educating our people well beyond competency such that they master the principles of their specialty. We use digital technologies to automate workflow and predictive analysis to enhance our cognitive capacity.


The resource industries are based on first principles, physics and chemistry, and the sciences they derive. To say we are drowning in data and need to use ‘big data’ regression techniques and ‘data scientists’ to understand our businesses is only an admission that we have become too complex due to our unthinking pursuit of growth, and that we have failed to develop and educate our people or use technology efficiently.

Our Education Courses introduce the intelligent use of technology to decrease complexity and increase our understanding of our businesses:

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