Get the T Shirt

OK…there is no T shirt.

But you thought it was funny, right? It is OK to have fun while working.

We’ve all heard the expression ‘Read the book and got the T shirt’. But do we ever check the person understood the message from the book?

Cognitive bias causes so many problems in industry, and in life for that matter.

The modern cycle of compliance, emails and meetings seems as if it is designed to generate a never-ending list of things to do.

Technical people come to identify their jobs as providing opinions and input based on experience, but unfortunately experience is often simply a pseudonym for cognitive bias.

However, managerial personnel feeling the pressure to respond quickly, and lacking the knowledge to recognise and question cognitive bias, end up making some very poor decisions as a result of confusing experience with expertise.

The modern cycle therefore produces solutions based on little or no analysis of the facts.

Everything we do at TAM Consultants is directed at reversing this modern cycle of complexity. We aim to raise the level of understanding of each situation by assisting good fact-based analysis in order to help clients make well informed decisions.

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