People Development

People are not resources. People are assets. The return on investment in people will always exceed the return on any other asset.

In our article on Future Asset Management we discuss the inevitable changes to employment models as technology advances. Whether you employ or partner with people in the future people will generate value in excess of their cost if we actively encourage their development.

Training and education are not the same thing. The skills learnt through training are increasingly likely to become redundant as things change with time. The principles and thought processes learnt from education will drive the change.

It is therefore incumbent upon business to continue the education of people they employ, or to acknowledge that employment may not be the appropriate model of engagement in a rapidly changing world. Equally, it is incumbent on the informed individual to ensure their education is advancing in a rapidly changing world.

The aspects of culture, leadership and development are essential to the success of any business. There is no one formula because there is no singularity with people or business. Our book considers all these aspects as necessary to cope with the increasing complexity of todays business environments.

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