Clarity from Complexity

Providing resources to the world to enable our modern lifestyle will always be complicated, but it doesn’t need to be complex.

The more knowledgeable we become the greater our capacity to understand the complicated.

Thomas and McKinlay Consulting Pty Ltd (TAM) exists to reduce complexity and share knowledge to provide the clarity that enables good decision making in all circumstances.diagram_High Performance_v2 - Small

The logo showing the upward spiral of excellence reflects our belief that the generation of real value requires a measurable balance between people aspects, technical excellence, business process and the application of digital technology. It also reflects the continual striving for excellence, if you are not proactively climbing the spiral, you will slip back to the reactivity common to many operations.

TAM was founded to provide technical consultancy and coaching for the hydrocarbon industry and has evolved into a modern sharing economy format that serves the resource industries. We co-ordinate a network of associates that co-operate to support clients.

The quality of our associates is paramount. We see talent as people that combine intelligence and experience.

We believe complexity prevents high performance and arises when experience and techniques are blindly repeated in pursuit of the dollar.  We don’t offer bodies for hire. We seek to apply lessons learnt. In this way we help our clients reduce complexity and provide clarity to their organisations.

We have developed a number of proven methodologies based on lessons learnt to great effect. It is the connection of these methodologies that forms the game plan behind the upward spiral towards excellence.