Meet the Network

Howard Thomas


HowardHoward has a unique ability to make the complex clear for his clients and audiences. He combines an in depth technical background with a wide ranging business experience but is probably best known for his engaging style of presentation, leading to an increasing demand for his speaking engagements and courses.

He is formally technically accredited as a Chartered Professional Chemical Engineer and has worked on hydrocarbon installations all over the world, from roles as a technician to executive consultancy.

He has started, developed, bought into and sold businesses, but continues to promote high performance via TAM.

He founded TAM with the future in mind. Employing knowledge workers 100% of the time is expensive and inadvertently leads to the very complexity we need to avoid. Full time employment will be increasingly rare as the knowledge economy continues to develop.

If we reward knowledge workers in proportion to the value they add we can find a work life balance whilst partnering companies to compliment their core business with wider expertise.

Finally, Howard believes that advantaged people have a duty to help those less advantaged than themselves but it must be in a sustainable way and he founded Carnegie Spirit in 2009 to promote these ideals.

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