Maintenance Excellence

This 3 day course will give perspective on how to view maintenance as a business proposition. We directly relate maintenance activity to increased production, allowing everybody to understand the business case and benefits. We prove a dollar spent on maintenance has more return than a dollar spent on a Greenfield project.

Target Audience

This course is aimed at maintenance supervision, management and leadership. High performance is cultural as well as technical. Only by involving all members of a team will excellence be achieved. This course seeks to establish new norms for everyone from the newest hires to the most senior leaders.

Course Topics

The overall aim of the course is to understand the maintenance excellence cycle.

We address a number of topics needed to establish the value of each maintenance activity. We then move on to collect data from each activity allowing us to measure the effectiveness of the maintenance activity. Combining both measures we can then establish computerised maintenance management such that the cost of maintenance is optimised versus the value added.

Having established a maintenance process we then need to ensure the process can be practically blended with the day to day requirements of maintenance and adapt peoples behaviours to allow the improvement cycle to function effectively.

Course Overview

Most companies consider maintenance as an expense or at worst a necessary evil. This course directly relates maintenance activity to increased production, allowing management to understand the business case and benefits, operations to understand why they should release the equipment and maintenance to be able to do their job effectively.

Most importantly attendees will be able to quantify the return on carrying out a maintenance activity. this will prove whether the activity is worthwhile or not.

They will become familiar with the reliability toolkit, too many companies present Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) and their like as the answer to all the world’s ills when in fact no one tool is suitable for all purposes. There are many maintenance reliability tools in the kit.

We’ll review the toolkit and by understanding the right tools, for the right job and the commercial benefits of that job, maintenance activity can be optimised.

Learning Objectives

The course focuses on enabling participants to understand maintenance excellence. You will learn:

  • How to understand maintenance as a business proposition
  • Criticality analysis
  • How to measure lost opportunity, what you could have produced
  • ‘Bad actor’ analysis including a comparison of different reliability techniques
  • Computerised maintenance management and reliability data
  • How to incorporate improvement with day to day maintenance
  • How to establish an excellence cycle


Howard Thomas has advocated practical approaches to handling complexity for over 20 years. He has a unique ability to make the complex clear for his clients and audiences.
He combines an in depth technical background with a wide ranging business experience but is probably best known for his engaging style of presentation.

He is formally technically accredited as a Fellow of Engineers Australia and a Chartered Professional Chemical Engineer and has worked on hydrocarbon installations all over the world, from roles as a technician to executive consultancy.