Operational Excellence

This 2 day, game based course will use an operational excellence model, measurement and benchmarking tools to enable participants to establish priorities and decide upon improvement techniques in their operations environment.

Target Audience

Operations teams, their supervision, management and leadership. High performance is cultural as well as technical. The course seeks to establish new norms for everyone from the newest hires to the most senior leaders.

Course Topics

The course starts with engaging participants in measurement; measuring technical detail and value. Measurements are compiled using benchmarking tools to build a picture of performance and compare it to a proven model of operational excellence.

Using historical data from case studies we learn how to establish priorities, converting technical information into a value proposition.

We then study how we create space in the already congested day to day of operations to implement a properly planned improvement scope.

Throughout the course we will focus on the human cultural aspects of operations and the steps necessary to transition from a reactive, compliant mindset to a proactive performance mindset.

Course Overview

This course has been prepared to give operations teams an understanding of principles of process plant optimisation beyond measuring production versus target, focusing on identifying constraints and overcoming them.

We focus on the product you didn’t produce, why and which problems are most important to solve, and most importantly the cultural aspects of developing people capable of delivering high operational performance.

Learning Objectives

The course focuses on enabling participants to understand and use a model of operational excellence. You will learn:

  • How to measure lost opportunity, what you could have produced
  • What historical lost opportunity data from many sites tells us
  • Comparison of different improvement techniques
  • Model of operational excellence
  • How to benchmark using the operational excellence model
  • How to use the measurement and benchmarking tools to establish priorities
  • Planning implementation amongst day to day operation


Howard Thomas has advocated practical approaches to handling complexity for over 20 years. He has a unique ability to make the complex clear for his clients and audiences.

He combines an in depth technical background with a wide ranging business experience but is probably best known for his engaging style of presentation.

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